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AS1 Drive


The AS1 drive builds on Toshiba’s history of supplying powerful, reliable and versatile drives. We have combined our best drive features with the latest technologies making the AS1 the new contender in the ASD market.

Advanced Design


The modular construction of the AS1 allows the unit to be installed into nearly any application quickly and easily. The AS1’s laminated bus plane technology provides a reduced component count, better reliability and easier service.

Simple Programming


Toshiba’s unified programming philosophy means you can operate the AS1 with little or no programming. At the same time, we have maintained one of the most expansive parameter sets in the industry allowing you to fine tune the drive for a specific application.

Tough Environment


The AS1 is designed to operate in extreme environments. It can operate in temperatures up to 122°F without de-rate. It can also be configured for use in temperatures up to 140°F. The AS1 is designed for use in a sealed cabinet. This allows integrators to mount the AS1 heat-sink external to the drive cabinet for simple and efficient cooling of the unit.

Powerful Performance


Using Toshiba’s new Motor-Over-Flux-Braking-Technology, the AS1 can provide as much as 30% of its rated power for use in stopping a heavy or high inertia load without the use of a dynamic brake resistor.

Smart Operation


Toshiba’s “My Function” programming allows the AS1 to operate as a simple PLC. Basic logic function programming can now be performed on the ASD.

Easy Communications


The AS1 has been designed to accommodate multiple, stackable option cards that mount underneath the unit’s keypad quickly and easily. In addition, the AS1 drive can accept two inputs from external communication units via the two onboard RS-485 communication ports.

Broad Compliance


The AS1 is certified by a broad range of governing and regulatory bodies making it a truly global product.