Shipboard Cables



Shipboard Cables


Power, instrumentation, control and composite cables. Low capacitance VFD cable.




20AWG to 2000MCM conductors sizes.
Zero halogen insulations and jackets available.
Inquire about water blocking.


High strand count, tin plated copper conductors making this product much more flexible, easier to install and more resistant to vibration than Type MC, IEC spec or commercial cables.

Lower dielectric constant and higher insulation resistance cable reduces electrical losses.

Excellent resistance to moisture produces stable electrical properties throughout the life of the cable.

In a fire condition, non-chlorinated flame retardant insulation system produces less toxic and less corrosive gases. Low Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) compounds do not outgas toxic fumes or vapors.

Dual certified IEEE 1580 Type P and UL 1309/CSA 245 Type X110.
Highest ampacity ratings: ABS 100°C, DNV 95°C, LRS 95°C, Transport Canada 95°C.
Severe cold durability: exceeds CSA cold bend/cold impact (-40°C/-35°C).
Flame retardant: IEC 332-3 Category A and IEEE 1202.
Suitable for use in Class I, Division 1, and Zone 1 environments (armored and sheathed).
Optional braid armor of bronze, aluminum or tinned copper.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) 99-BT5905-X
Transport Canada 8700-20-2
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) E-6669, E-6388, E-6390, E-6391
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRS) 91/60333 (E6) NVE 95/1696, FAL
UL Listed as Marine Shipboard Cable (E111461)
United States Coast Guard
November 2, 1987 / 9304