Biographies of Michael Swann and Dennis Beisbier


Michael Swann – President / Sales / Engineering

Mr. Swann earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University. After graduating in 1981, he started in the oil industry getting hired as the Open Hole, Well Logging Engineer for Schlumberger Wireline Services. After a short period, Mr. Swann went to work for McDonnell Douglas Helicopter as an ordinance engineer for the M230 cannon on the AH64 Apache and the M242 cannon for the LAV-25 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. R&D support on various types of ordinance projects; small arms to rotary aircraft cannons. 

In the mid-80’s, he became a product development engineer for McCulloch Corp, the world's largest manufacturer of chain saws and garden tools. Daily production was 2,500 units per day during peak season. Duties included decision responsibility for design, development and product control for the string trimmer line.  

Later on, Mr. Swann was hired and personally trained by Robert F. Brennan (USN) of Saber Enterprises as a Manufacturer's Representative. The company was focused on sensors and instrumentation in the aerospace market. Duties included specification development, contract negotiation and business transactions. Mr. Swann increased territorial sales volume 500% within 3 years. 

Mr. Swann began Swann and Associates Instrumentation Sales, Inc in Marina Del Rey, California from a one bedroom apartment in 1991. Within 2 years, he was representing eight manufacturers’ product lines and providing installation services for vibration monitoring equipment. He is an appointed advisory committee member for the Mechanical Engineering Department at California State Polytechnic University.


Dennis Beisbier - Office Manager / Sales

Mr. Beisbier is a 25 year U.S. Navy Veteran. He brings his unique skills to our office management team. He brings forth an electronic & mechanical background with office project management and marketing understanding making a great asset to Swann and Associates Instrumentation Sales.

He earned an applied science degree in electronics from DeVry and still is currently a drilling reservist. He continues to educate though local collages in the computer science & applications fields. Mr. Beisbier also serves as a board member for 3 local non-profit organizations that serve the greater Long Beach local communities.